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September Newsflash

Greetings Gentle Readers,

Spring has arrived! Our thanks to everyone following our blog and facebook ? we love sharing bits of quirky research and interesting links with everyone.

A number of changes have also been implemented to the website, such as the stock lines being offered, along with a bundle of new stock and titles.

Of our home grown suppliers, the Medieval Still Room have increased their offerings of products including a Sleep salve, honey amber, and the 2016 release of the Queen of Hungary Water, and the 2016 Yule tide incense in cone form. Further, the popular clear lip balm is being released in modern lip balm twist tubes as well as the normal containers; so now you can take this gentle medieval lip balm with you everywhere.

Regards older stock lines; unfortunately, we have had to remove belt mounts from our catalogue due to difficulty with supply. Rest assured, we?re doing our best to ensure that orders already made are being completed. Once we can secure a reliable supply we will bring back a range of belt mounts.
Our next upcoming event is St Ives Medieval faire on the 24th and 25th of September. If you are near St Ives or travelling close by it?s well worth a visit, and we will be showcasing our latest products as well as the classics. Please note; for those wanting to collect orders at the Fair, your orders need to be in the by the 10th of September.

Until next time, we bid you good reading!

Loreena, Roxy, Paul and Elden

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August Newsflash

Greetings Gentle readers,

Just a brief letter this month; The move into the new warehouse is finally complete and the great unpack has begun. While we are continuing to operate, sadly it is a little slower until the unpacking is finished and we apologise for any inconvenience.

During the interim, why not look through posts on the blog? This is where we have our latest reviews, post interesting and amusing snippets from the past, and links to useful resources and information on the maintenance of gear.

Until next time, we bid you all ? good reading!

Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy.

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July 2016 Newsflash

Greetings Gentle readers,

Apologies ? a little late this month but we have been moving forward in leaps and bounds. First, the Abbey Stowe festival was a great success. Marvellous weather made for record crowds and great to see so many old friends as well as making so many new. Our new lines debuted and were very well received; they will be appearing on the website shortly.

At the same time, we are also moving into larger premises with all the attendant chaos that comes with any move. If all goes to plan, the new warehouse will have the space to conduct workshops as well as small niche events; but that is in the future. Meanwhile, we are all looking forward to having more space!
The next event for the Mainly Medieval stall will be St Ives Medieval Faire in September. We have also been asked to run a series of lectures on various domestic aspects of medieval life so drop through and have a chat. St Ives is a great event, growing every year and well worth a trip.
Until next time, we bid you all ? good reading!

Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy.

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June Newsflash

Greetings Gentle readers,

We had a most enjoyable time at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre, with glorious weather and a lovely venue, we will definitely be attending next year. Meanwhile we are turning our attention to next month?s event at AbbeyStowe in Queensland. Please note; we will continue taking pre-orders only until the 25th of June.

This month will see more reviews of new and classic titles on our Blog and on the website. As well as helpful tips on maintenance of specialty re-enactor pieces, there will also be exciting new items and restocks to peruse With the crisp chill in the air, its time to shake out the woollens and silks and gear up to enjoy the best of living history events of the year.

Until next time, we bid you all ? good reading!
Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy.

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Review – Detector Finds Series by Greenlight Press

Detector Find Reviews by Gordon Bailey

Published by Greenlight Press

The Detector Find books are a series of 7 really solidly researched, handy reference manuals (though number 4 is named Finds Identified ? no one quite knows why).

They are actually published as identification aids for objects found by amateur metal detectorists in the United Kingdom, but they have plenty of useful information for the living historian.

Each book covers a wide period of time and an enormous variety of small non-precious metal artifacts; everything from harness pieces and weapon parts, to cutlery, tools of every description, dress accessories, pilgrim tokens and bells. The sheer breadth of metal object categories is truly stunning.

Understand however, that these books are not how- to manuals. Unlike the superb Museum of London artifact series, they don?t discuss or have in depth analysis of what a particular item was used for, how it was constructed or by whom. Personally, I like to use them as catalogues. I particularly appreciate that each category in a book has colour photographs (with scale bars!) of extant pieces, includes detailed line drawings of different perspectives, and a concise summary of materials, decorations, manufacture and context of the piece.

I think these books provide a great insight for anyone interested in the metal tools, fashion and accessories used by, and for, the average persons? day to day living. If you already have a working knowledge of metal craft, and enjoy re-creating the many types and forms of the metal smiths art, then these are definitely a resource worth their weight in gold.

These Titles are also in stock on the Mainly Medieval site.

Volume 1

Volume 2


Volume 3


Volume 4


Volume 5


Volume 6


Volume 7

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Back from Rowany Festival AS50, 2016

It was an exciting festival and we’re glad to be home!

This year we tried out a new format and just did a market day at Rowany Festival. It was very busy, some good feedback about things to change for next year but overall a good success!

In May we’ll be going to Gumeracha Medieval Fair (May 8 and 9) so look forward to seeing some people from Adelaide there.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

(Photo of Medieval Archery Society camp at Rowany Festival AS50 2016 by Andrew Bennett)

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Mainly Medieval is a Book Depository Affiliate

A founding principle of Mainly Medieval was that good books underpin research in historical re-enactment. By collecting the best specialist books and bringing them to re-enactors, we felt we could support the community. This has largely been a success at festival and fair events. Online, however, we simply cannot compete with the big players.

The largest and most economical of all is Book Depository. They have an excellent range, very low prices and offer free shipping. Seeing as most of our regular customers buy their books from Book Depository anyway, we’ve become a Book Depository affiliate. This means that if you go to Book Depository via our site and buy a book, we are eligible for a $1-2 credit. Buy a pile of books from Book Depository, and you’ve bought one of us here at Mainly Medieval a beer. The price for you, dear reader, is identical. You need only click through once per ‘session’, and not for every single title you’re buying.

By shopping on Book Depository via our site, you’re supporting our endeavours and earning our enduring gratitude, totally free!

With the time we’re not spending ordering books and populating our inventory system, we will instead be reviewing re-enactment books on our new blog. We will still be giving our honest opinion, as ever, on each book and aim to help you know what to expect before you order.

Not all of our books will be moving to Book Depository, either. We carry some publishers like Stuart Press and Society for Creative Anachronism which are not available elsewhere online, and we will always be looking to make more specialised titles available.

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