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Post Abbey Medieval Festival

We are a little later this month as we have just returned from our first visit to Abbey Medieval Festival in Queensland. The new festival site is excellent and the infrastructure and support supplied by the Abbey organisers was amazing. They provided an excellent backdrop of structures for the re-enactors and vendors and we were particularly impressed with the attention given to disguising those essential services that a modern festival must have, while maintaining the medieval ambiance.

Thank you to everyone who dropped through our stall; It was great to meet and chat with so many of you. We have come back enthused, full of new ideas and already looking forward to attending next year’s festival. Meanwhile life returns to its normal rhythms. Please note that the new category T-shirts that has just appeared, is only a temporary category. For a variety of reasons, we only offer the T-shirts as an Event special and will be taking additional orders only for the next few days as a favour before removing this section.

New stock is being added to the website and in the near future we will also be introducing a grading system in the Further Details?section. This is to help qualify the books as regards being a primary, secondary and tertiary source. We have modified the standard definitions slightly to meet our own needs and a full description will be available when this system is in place.

So until next time, we bid you good reading.

Paul and Loreena