Annular brooch

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Pilgrim badge: Annular brooch

Time period: 13th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: 27mm diameter

Further details:

More substantially made annular brooches would be used for securing clothing. However the slightly fragile nature of this example suggests a purely decorative use.

The legend in Lombardic letters, ‘Ave Maria Gracia Plena Invan’ (Hail Mary full of grace), although partly illiterate and the word Invan cannot be fully interpreted. Badges such as this, although probably not pilgrims badges as such, would have been worn as a means of invoking the protection of a saint, or, in this case, the Virgin Mary.


The original from which this replica is taken was found in London.


Note: We can supply this item with either a functional cross pin (as on the original item); or with a modern fastening, in which case the cross pin will be soldered shut. Please state your choice when ordering. If no preference is stated we will supply a modern pin.


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