Birch thread reel

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Sewing tool: Thread Reel

Time period: 13 & 14th Century
Materials: Birch
Product Dimensions: 12.0 cm  length x 1.0 cm diameter spindle / 2.0 cm reel end diameter.

Further details:

This thread reel is based on a fragment cited in the Museum of London book “Medieval Finds from Excavations in London- The Medieval Household”- SWA81 Acc No 1342, page. 270.

It has been locally hand crafted from birch, and as with all artisan pieces, the timber colour and detailing may vary slightly between the reels.

Its probably uses include; sewing or embroidery thread holder, as a bobbin for braiding or lace making, etc.

Staff Comments:

We are proud to showcase our first locally made re-enactment good; the first of many we sincerely hope. These reels have been hand crafted by Adam Mckay, a superb artisan of high quality replica re-enactment goods and well known in the NSW re-enactment scene. More of Adams beautiful pieces will be going up on the site in due course.



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