CA 0099: Life in Thirteenth Century Novgorod

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Author:Frux, Gregory William Summary: Pamphlet about 13th Century Russian city-state of Novgorod – material culture, architecture, foods, stories and beliefs of the times. Contents: Introduction; History of Rus; Lord Novgorod the Great ; Domestic Architecture ; Food ; Clothing ; Agriculture and Hunting ; Industry and Material Life ; Government and Law ; Women and Class Structure ; Warfare ; Trade ; Beliefs – Paganism, Christianity ; Art ; Music ; Games and Toys ; Literature and the Bardic Tradition ; Chronology – Timeline, Russian Princes, Princes of Galicia, Mongol Khans, Golden Horde Khans ; BibliographyFurther details: Softcover: 64 pagesLanguage: EnglishIllustrations: B&W illustrations Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 14.0 x 0.5 cmStaff Comments:

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