CA 0106: Precious Stones and Their Virtues

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Wichman, Robert.


Being a compendium of seven medieval Enlish Lapidaries. Describes Agate, Alabaster, Amber, Amethyst, Abestos, Beryl, Carbuncle, Chalcedony, Chrysolite, Chrysoprase, Coral, Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, Jacinth, Jagounce, Jasper, Jet, Onyx, Opal, Pearls, Pyrite, Ruby, Sapphire, Sardius, Sardonyx, Topaz. Contents Preface ; Introduction and Historical Background ; The Lapidary ; Commentary 1 – On Modern Mineral Equivalents ; Commentary 2 – Known or Potential Medieval Sources for Gemstones ; Bibliography.


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Softcover: 56 pages
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