CA 0132: The Templars and The Hospitallers

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Shapiro, Sarahann.



Fighting for God, Praying for War. In the 9th and 10th Centuries, before the Holy Orders of Knighthood were created, a knight was merely a person raised above the common peasantry by his possession of armour and a horse, both of which were expensive, along with some skill at their use. These original knights were both feared and hated, often denounced by the Church for their cruelty to commoners and their use of violence on any occasion. The Holy Orders of Knighthood were part of an overall effort by the Church to control these powerful, yet lawless, men by creating structured rules overseen by God.


Contents: Introduction ; Beginnings of the Templars ; beginning of the Hospitallers ; Life in the Orders ; Disputes Between the Orders ; The End of the Age of Crusading – The Fall of Jerusalem and Acre ; The Fading of the Hospitallers ; The Destruction of the Templars ; Conclusion ; Appendices ; Works Cited ; Endnotes.


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