CA 0162: Christine de Pizan – A Medieval Voice for Women

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Gomes, Lisa


Christine de Pizan (circa 1363-1431) was the first Western European woman known to have earned her living as a writer. Her keen insight, sharp wit and unique approach to writing, in addition to being a novelty as a female writer, made her stand out amongst other writers of her time. While her works were accepted by many, they were also subject to harsh criticisms which reflected the general misogynist attitude towards women. Christine rebelled against the negative attitudes and comments by continuing to write and express her thoughts and feeling, resulting in a total of 43 publications. 

Contents; Introduction, Christine’s background – the Development of a scholar, Cultural Milieu-Barriers to overcome, The City of Ladies, The Treasury of the City of Ladies, Christines Legacy, Appendix 1: A musical composition of Christine de Pizan’s Ballede LXVII based upon the muscial style of Guillaume de Machaut; Appendix II; The author costumes as Christine, Bibliography, Endnotes.



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