CA 0170: To the Hilt: An Examination of Sword Hilts, 1460-1600

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Stamper, David


The growth of historical fencing has placed a spotlight on the Renaissance sword, one of the most important tools in the recreation of martial arts. The focus for this publication is on the development of the types of hilts found on swords from 1460 to 1600 CE using the following lenses: 

i) Identifying the various additions to the simple medieval hilt that produced the complex hilts of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century using, examining the practical reasons for these additions, with references to period swordplay. 

ii) Exploring social and economic influences on the development of the hilt from both a military and civilian perspective, referring to the changes in how warfare was waged over the course of the late fifteenth and through the sixteenth century, along with the increasing appearance and acceptance of swords in civilian contexts.

iii) Examining reasons why older types of hilts persisted in use after more complex and effective types. 

Contents: Introduction, Orientation of the hilt, The MEdeival and Early REnaissance HIlt: Quillions, Pommels and Grips, Grasping the Hilt, Additions to the Hilt, Why the Changes?, Persistence of Hilt Types, Conclusions, Glossary of Terms, Bibiliography, Notes


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