CA 0175: The book of the Order of Chivalry

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Fischer, Todd H.C.


This translation contains 8 chapters and the epilogue by Caxton.

1. The first chapter explains how a hermit knight, divine and wise, passes on the rule and Order of Chivalry to a squire.

2. The second is on the origins of chivalry

3. The third is about the office of chivalry.

4. The fourth is about the examination that should be made of a squire when he is about to be inducted into the Order of Chivalry.

5. The fifth tells how the squire should receive chivalry

6. The sixth relates the significance of the arms belonging to a knight in order of importance.

7. The seventh is of the customs that appertain to being a knight.

8. The eigth is of the honor that ought to be done to a knight.

Caxtons Epilogue.


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Softcover: 62 pages
Illustrations: B&W
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