Food and Cookery in the Green Valley vol 1

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Peachey, Stuart


Farmhouse cookery in the early 17th Century. The objective of this book is to allow the reader to understand the diet of common farming folk and to be able to reproduce the period dishes they would have eaten. Reproducing a period dish can take place at a number of levels of accuracy from rearing a pig under period conditions to selecting an approximately appropriate joint from your local supermarket, cooking on a spit by an open fire to a modern electronic kitchen. This book will try to cater for all levels of realism.

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Softcover: 49 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781858042220
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This booklet and its companion volume are a result of the remarkable research carried out into the food stuffs that would have been produced on the Green Valley site during the farming year 1620 [cf Tales from the Green Valley DVD]. This volume presents some of the cooking methods, utensils and ingredients likely to have been used by a farming family on this site, with examples of menus, drinks and selection of common recipes. The recipes are presented with the original recipe followed by a modern redaction and sources are noted with abbreviations in the bibliography.

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