Fox and Geese

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14th Century onwards; 2 players, strategy.


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Game #5; Fox and Geese.

Time period:14th Century onwards.
Players: Two.
Materials: Leather, wooden?pieces (white and red).
Product Dimensions:?Board Dimensions; 20 cm width x 20 cm length.
Age Range: not suitable for young children.

Further details:

Fox and Geese is an asymmetrical game, both players having different objectives and different men. One player leads a fox whose objective is to kill all the geese by jumping over them. The other player leads the gaggle of geese whose objective is to corner the fox and stop him escaping.

The actual game consists of a game board of soft leather with inscribed lines, 14 fired clay pieces and a Rules sheet. These are rolled inside a robust cardboard tube with end caps for easy transport. Other rules popular at different times are also indicated.

Staff comments;

This is currently one of our favourite lunch time games. Like all good games, the basic rules are simple and quick to learn, but mastery takes a lifetime. Apparently using the medieval rules, the geese are supposed to win – so far the geese have one once…. and we are all dedicated tabletop gamers. Perhaps its the difference between our society and the medieval one? Hmmm.

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