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Glass Perfume Oil bottle – Small

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Chamber Accessory – Small;

Time period: Evergreen
Origin: Egypt
Materials: Glass
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A luxury item indeed; Intricately decorated, delicate bottles such as these were proudly displayed in the chambers of both ladies and gentleman. They contained only very small amount of fragrance for immediate use; the rest of the precious oils were stored elsewhere in a stone ware or other inert material, firmly stoppered, light proof vessel – generally under lock and key.

Such tiny bottles were a status symbol to compliment the wealth and taste of the owner. At a time when the bedroom was a multiuse chamber in which the owner would entertain guests and conduct buisness, such pieces were considered an essential part of the decor and appreciated by all who visited. 

This delicate glass piece with glass topper was hand blown and decorated in Egypt. Every piece is therefore unique, with no two exactly alike while all being beautiful. 

When ordering – Please indicate which shape you are interested in.

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