Ludus Latrunculorum

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Game #6; Ludus Latrunculorum

Time period:Roman
Players: Two.
Materials: Leather, clay fired pieces
Product Dimensions:Board Dimensions; 20cm width x 23cm length.

Further details:

Ludus Latrunculorum, the ‘game of the little soldiers’, seems to have been a board game highly respected by the Romans in early Imperial times and played widely across the empire. No box with game board, counters and written rules exist since commercial board games did not exist at the time. However hints from literary sources of the time as well as the archaeological evidence enables us to construct a set of rules and board probably not to unlike a version existing at the time.

The actual game consists of a game board of soft leather with inscribed lines, 28 fired clay pieces and a Rules sheet. These are rolled inside a robust cardboard tube with end caps for easy transport.

Not suitable for young children.

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