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Luxurious, white, triple strand freshwater ‘Rice’ Pearl bracelet with sterling silver filigree box clasp.

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Triple strand, freshwater rice pearl bracelet;

Time period: 16th Century onwards
Origin: Evergreen.
Materials: 4mm AA+ grade, freshwater rice pearls, Sterling Silver, silk.
Product Dimensions:  18 cm bracelet length.

Please note; This item is usually made to order by the artisan and may take aproximately 3 weeks. 

Further details: Multistrand pearl bracelets, of various strand number and configuration, are often seen gracing the wrists in the portraitures of noted fashionable beauties of the late 15th and 16th Centuries. 

While not deemed as valuable as salt water pearls during period, freshwater pearls enjoyed their place in the jewellers repertoire; being slower to grow, they have a softer, deeper lustre and glow which has its own appeal, and are suprisingly robust compared to salt water pearls. This strand is hand knotted between each pearl and strung on pure silk.

‘Rice’ pearl is simple a reference to the shape category of the pearl; being ‘a shape resembling a grain of rice’, ie they are longer than wide. The pearls in this strand are all AA+ grade, with a very high lustre, and the bracelet is finished with a sterling silver box clasp with filigree decoration.

Staff Comments; Timeless classic.

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