Set of Keys

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Personal Accessory #1; Set of three door keys

Time period:15th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: Dimensions; Top key 130mm, middle key 110mm, and bottom key 90mm.

Further details:

Keys were a symbol of wealth and status since they inferred that you had valuables which needed to be secured. Further,?that you could also afford a key mechanism – a specialist and therefore expensive piece of work to have commissioned and to own.?Various images from the 14th to th 16th century show women and men openly wearing keys hanging from their belts or girdles. Such people were either the owners of the items, or the highly?trusted servants – often of?high rank.

This set of keys are based on 15th century door keys such as would have been found in the larger households for outdoor structures or rooms only requiring moderate security. The original keys were made of iron. These pewter replicas have been blackened deliberately to replicate the colour of the original keys.


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