Tables or Backgammon

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Game # ; Tables (Backgammon)

Time period: 13th Century onwards
Materials: leather, wooden pieces, bone dice
Product Dimensions:?36cm width x 62cm length.

Further details:

Medieval backgammon (probably known then by the name ?Irish?) is one game of many played on the board we now know as a backgammon board. The board was known as ?Tables? and the many games included Fayles, Buff de Baldrial and Llaquet. Irish itself was played in a very similar way to the modern game of Backgammon with a couple of differences.

Doubles count no differently to any other roll of the dice.
There is no doubling cube.

Many medieval illustrations of backgammon being played show a board where all the points are the same colour.

Contains a leather game board,?wooden counters (white & black) and?two bone dice in a leather pouch,?all?presented in a cardboard tube.

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