The Book of Pottage and Broth 1580 – 1660

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Morris, Robert.


Part of the “Living history Reference Books” series. “Broths and Pottages were moist dishes whose taste could be adjusted to suit the cook’s taste with a few simple ingredients. Thus I have from these few presidents shewed you the true Art and making of all sorts of boiled-meats and broths; and though men may coin strange names and fain strange Arts, yet be assured she that can do those, may make any other whatsoever; altering the taste by alteration of the compounds as she shall see occasion: and when a broth is too sweet, to sharpen it with verjuyce, when too tart, to sweeten it with sugar: when flat and wallowish, to quicken it with Orenges and Lemons; and when too bitter, to make it pleasant with herbs and spices [GMEH].”

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Softcover: 16 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W
ISBN-13: 9781858042206
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