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Roman Cookery – Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchen

Roman Cookery; Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchen

By Mark Grant

Reviewed by Loreena Johnson


Want to make the snacks for your average roman barfly at the local Taverna?

Or impress the neighbours with a bang up dinner on a week night but you?re

not really into the larks tongues and dormice? Well neither was the average

Roman citizen ? even if they could afford it.


From the information and recipes presented by the author, I?m happy to report

I could reliably re-create dishes and even entire meals, pretty much only

shopping at the local grocery store. So for a change, I could surprise people

with a meal that didn?t require a second mortgage; yet the flavours and

textures were still different enough to be a bit of a challenge for some.


You might remember this title with a different cover from a decade or so ago

(possibly longer ? whose counting?); same title, same author, new (second)

edition. I remembered the first edition with affection; so was pleasantly

surprised to find enough extra recipes and updated research in the second

edition to buy it as well.


Only point to consider ? If you are still learning to cook, don?t be deceived by

the apparent simplicity of some of the recipes. You need to know your



[tabs] [tab title=”Publishers Blurb”] More than 100 everyday recipes from Ancient Rome enjoyably recreated from the work of writers and poets of the time and adapted for the modern kitchen: healthy and delicious soups, stews, breads and salads that gave birth to the modern Mediterranean diet. [/tab] [/tabs]