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As Promised!

As promised the new regime starts.

Two new books for us passed over my desk today so I have entered them straight away. Both titles are by Mr. Orme, beloved of those with an interest in Medieval children’s activities. The first continuing in the child theme is Medieval Schools, which can be found in the culture and society section. The second which is a bit of a change of pace for him is, The English Hopital1070-1570.?Also to be found in the culture and society section. Both of these titles should help round out some areas that we were a bit lacking in.

New titles on the horizon are the new Wallace collection book from our friends at Hans-Pruner. The Medieval Cook and Medieval Clothing and Textiles 5 (next month), and a couple of different goodies from the British Council of Archaeology.

Ok enough talk back to the titles and pewter index.