Boleyn Brooch

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Time period: 16th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Semi – baroque fresh-water pearls, 24 ct gold plated pewter.
Product Dimensions:  25mmW x 40mmL

Further details:

Another beautiful piece from Steve Millingham – this is a replica of the letter ‘B’ worn by Ann Boleyn. Three fresh water pearls hang from the base of the ‘B’, which has two pin backs for ease of wearing. For those who recall the recent TV series ‘The Tudors’, Steve was the artist commissioned to make the jewels the actors wore in the series, of which the ‘B’ was particularly prominent.

Staff Comments

This piece is based on the famous ‘B’ pendant. The letter ‘B’ is notorious for its connection to Anne Boleyn however, the ‘B’ was an example of a fashion at the time for ‘letter’ pendants. Other contemporary examples also exist in portraiture and documentation, and included most of the letters of the alphabet. In work books of the royal jewelers, there is also an example of an intertwined A & H -for Ann and Henry tudor.


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