CA 0002: Selections from the Hammer, Part 1

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Author:UnknownSummary:Selections aimed at beginning SCA fighter from The Hammer, official journal of the Middle Kingdom Guilde of Armourers, Blacksmiths, Weaponsmiths and Metalsmiths. Contents; The Coif – Duchess Selene of the Sky ; Construction of the Barrel Helm – Brian Flax ; The Making of the 3-Piece, 13th c. Pot Helm – Brian Flax ; Construction of the Spangen Helm – Brian Flax ; Knight of the Month, c. 1181 – Sir Bruno von der Eiche; A Note On Centrally-Mounted Basenet Visors – Sir Bruno von der Eiche ; Construction of A Coat of Plates from the Battle of Wisby – Brian Flax ; A Simple Coil-Winding Jig for Mail-Making – Daine of Rethin & Master Knut Ostrum ; On Rivated Chain Mail & Sundry Related Matters – Master Knut Ostrum.Further details: Softcover: ? pagesLanguage: EnglishIllustrations: ?Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 14 x 0.5 cmStaff Comments:

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