CA 0003: Selections from The Hammer, Part 2

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Author:Brian Flax, Earl Sir Steingrim Stallari, Wade Allen, Aaron Toman, Sir Raymond the Quiet, Sir Robert de Shurland, Sir Bruno von der EicheSummary:Editor: Brian Flax. Contents : On The Construction of the Arm Harness – Brian Flax ; Some Thoughts on Weapon and Hand Protection Systems For use in SCA-Style Combat – Brian Flax ; A 14th Century Hourglasss Finger Gauntlet c. 1370 – Earl Sir Steingrim Stallari ; The Construction of Early 15th Century Italian Gauntlets – Wade Allen, Aaron Toman ; Leg Armour Revisited – Sir Raymond the Quiet ; On the Construction of 14th Century Leg Armour – Brian Flax ; Knight of the Month, Sir Robert de Shurland c. 1320 – Sir Bruno von der Eiche ; On the Construction of 14th Century Rowled Spurs – Brian Flax .Further details: Softcover: ? pagesLanguage: EnglishIllustrations: ?Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 14 x 0.5 cmStaff Comments:

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