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Patrick J. Smith.



Selected Games of a Non-European Origin that are contemporary with the Medieval Period of European Civilization, together with a supplement to the Timeline of Games. Contents Dedication ; Introduction ; Board Games – Ashtapada, Coan Ki, Leopards, Nyout, Pacheesi, Pasang, Patolli, Peng Hau Ki, Peralikatuma, Renju, Sz’kwa, Totolospi, Wei-Chi, Yih ; Chess Varients – Chaturanga, Hsang Chi (Go), San Kwo Chi, Santranj, Santranj Al-Husan, Santranj Diwana Shah, Shatranj-Kamil, Shogi, Tamerlane’s Chess ; Dice or Dice Type Games – Algonking, Drop Dead, Lieb Al Kamil Omu, Wunnaugonhommin, Mancala, Congklak Dakon, Gambata, Kalah, Leib El-Akil, Patting Pastry ; Domino or Tile Games – Hubbub, Tangram, Tau Ngua, Tiu-U ; Supplement to the Gaming Timeline ; Game Piece Names ; Bibliography ; Other Sources.


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