CA 0101: Western Dance 1450-1650

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Durham, Janelle & Peter.


Contents: Introduction; French Basse Danse of the 15 Century, Cassulle La Nouele ; Italian Bassedanze and Balli of the 15th Centur, Petit Riense, Lauro, Anello, Lioncello Vecchio ; English Dance, Circa 1500 ; Branles, 1589, Branle Simple, Branle Charlotte, Branle De Pois, Branle Des Lavandieres ; The Pavan 1589, A Pavan ; The Galliard and the Tourdon Circa 1600, French Galliards, Cinq Pas, Aultres Cinq Pass, Sept Pas, Itlian Galliards, Cinque Passi e Voltando, Eleven Step ; Italian Balletti of the 16th Century, Ballo Del Fiore ; Old Measure, 1570-1675, The QUeens Alman, The Black Alman ; English Country Dances, 1651, Rufty Tufty, Upon a Summer’s Day, Galthering Peascods, Mage on a Cree ; Guide to Step Glossaries ; Guide to Dance Tabulations ; Bibliography.


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Softcover: 80 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: B&W illustrations
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