CA 0129: From Woad to Blue

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Krupp, Christina.



Woad (Isatis tinctoria) is a hardy biennial plant in the Brassicaceae family, related to cabbage and mustard. In pre-renaissance Europe, woad was the only native dye plant that could produce a permanent, true blue colour, making it unique and valuable dye source. This pamphlet is an attempt to pull together the most accurate information from many different sources and make it easily available to anybody who is curious about woad and its properties.


Contents: Introduction ; Theories of Woad Use in Early Britain ; Evidence for Woad Use in Medieval Europe ; Growing Woad ; Making Woad Balls ; Couching Woad ; Chemistry Of The Woad/Indigo Dye Vat ; Woad/Indigo Vat Dying- Historical Recipes ; Woad/Indigo Vat Dying – Modern Recipes ; Indigo and Woad as an Art Pigment ; Appendix- Classical References to Woad and Indigo ; Bibliography ; Acknowledgments.


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Softcover: 68 pages
Language: English
Illustrations:B&W line drawings
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