CA 0149: A Cookbook for the Modern Humors

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Westerland-Davis, Helen


Today, more and more people are expressing concerns about their health and their food allergies or sensitivities. This pamphlet focuses on three common health concerns: Celiac Spur Disease/gluten intolerance, diabetes/glycemic concerns, and the suggested diet of the American Heart/Stroke Association. These particular health concerns significantly alter one’s lifestyle and approach to food; and most importantly it isn’t just an allergy. The two feasts included in this book are intended to be examples on how to modify a feast to meet the specialiased dietary needs of individuals requiring gluten free, low sodium and sugar free meals.


Contents: Introduction; History; Simple War Feast; Baronial/Coronation Feast; Suggested alternate ingredients; End notes; References.


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Softcover:56 pages
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