Charles the First Coin set

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Charles the first, replica pewter coin examples.

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Time period: 1625-1649
Origin: English
Materials: Pewter
Product Dimensions: Various diameters.

Further details:

Seven coins in the set. Image shows both sides of the coins. Left to right: Shilling, Sixpence, Groat, Threepence, Halfgroat, Penny, Halfpenny. The latin on the reverse “Christo Auspice Regno” translates to “I reign under the auspices of Christ”.

Please note; Although medieval coins were cast in silver, these replicas are cast in lead free pewter.

Staff comments:

In addition to coins, the pouch or purse could also contain other items, much as we carry in our handbags and pockets today. Practical items such as tiny mirrors and entertainment paraphernalia such as jettons, deck of cards and dice were not uncommon for both the gentleman and the lady of the day.

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