Clothes of the Common Man 950 – 1200 AD Part 2:Making the Garments

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Thursfield, Sarah.


Part of the “Clothing and Textiles Series”. “Survivals of garments from this period are rare and often fragmentary: clearly both the cloth and the sewing were the products of skilled workmanship, but there is little evidence of exactly how clothing was cut and made, so these reconstructions are hypothetical. We can say that garments were simple in shape, usually without close body fitting; note from the illustrations how they are draped and controlled by at most a brooch and a belt. After you’ve made them, do practice wearing them!”

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Softcover: 16 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W line drawings of primary illustrations and several pages of annotated patterns/cutting diagrams for items of clothing mentioned in the book
ISBN-13: 9781858042299
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