Clothes of the Common People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England Vol 02: Haberdashery

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Stuart Press.
To understand or reconstruct the garments it it necessary to understand or acquire the correct materials. Inventories, wills and account books provide names for these materials but even where the names are similar to those used today the substances normally will not be. Products evolve , often because of marketing slip, where a prestigious name gradually becomes cheapened. Over 400 years the slippage can make the modern product unrecognisable. The next 5 volumes set out to unravel what was meant at the period by various words for materials and colours.

In this series of books reconstructions are made for a range of styles of each garment. The fabrics and materials closest to the originals still available have been used and all dyeing is with period dyestuffs using period methods, mostly at the reconstructed period dyehouse in the Green Valley.

For each reconstruction patterns are provided. A description of the fabrics used and photographs of the completed reconstructions are also included.

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Softcover:68 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Line drawings
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