Clothes of the Common People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England Vol 10: Doublets pt 1

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Stuart Press.
Part three of this series covers details of the garments worn by common people. The first stage is to establish what the name of the garment means, what component parts it had, what materials it was made from, and what variations in form existed over time. Stage two is to use this fragmentary data to produce justified reconstructions of various styles of each garment.
Stuart Press are pleased to announce the release of this new 35 volume series. This series encapsulates 6 years of research and experimentation by the team based on the examination of over 71,000 books published before 1660, over 18,000 wills and inventories and a wide range of sources from archive papers to artefacts.

The series will be released in batches of about 6 volumes roughly every 2 months with the first releases at the International Living History Fair in February 2013. Please note that volumes will not necessarily be released in the order they are numbered.

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Softcover:52 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Line drawings
ISBN-13: 9781858042633
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Resource: 2 Towers.
Contents: Doublet Definition; The Doublet Body; Lining Materials; Sleeves; Holmes; The nature of Fustians; Waistband: Hooks and Eyes or Points; Decoration; Quantities of Material; The MaterialsFustian; Canvas; Leather; Woolen; Luxury fabrics; Military Issue Doublets; The Colours; Doublet Styles Flange; Skirt; 4 tab Reigate; Mini Square Tab; 6 to 8 Square Tab; 8 Tab pointed; Decorative running flange or tabs; Double Stripe Front; Back construction; Belt or Welt; Shoulder Wings.

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