Headwear, Footwear and Trimmings: 1480-1580

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Huggett, Jane .


This book is designed to be read in conjunction with Clothes of the Common Man 1480-1580, and Clothes of the Common Woman 1480-1580. It focuses on details of the clothes described in the books, such as thread, fastenings and trimmings, together with footwear, headwear and accessories.

Much of the evidence used is archaeological. Materials such as leather and metal survive better than fabric. However it is not usually possible to be certain what class of person an extant object belonged to, but assumptions can be made according to the nature of the object. Some objects found on archaeological sites are difficult to date more accurately than the century, and some may have been old and out of date when they were discarded. Evidence from visual sources is limited mainly to the upper classes and people of the more ‘middling’ sort, but the visual evidence and the archaeological evidence can each be used to clarify the other. There is rather less evidence from written sources as many of the items were of too little value to figure in wills and inventories, and where they do they are not usually described. Items sometimes occur in accounts, but again are rarely described.


As with clothes, there is far more evidence, archaeological, visual and written for men’s items than for women’s, especially for the poorest women, for whom there is very little. One of the most important sources are the finds from the Mary Rose which sank in July 1545 giving a secure date for the large quantities of objects belonging to ordinary men found on the wreck.


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