Incense Burner Kit

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An incense burner kit which includes all the basic elements to burn incense along with 2 of our most popular incense blends.

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Burning incense in the home was a common medieval practice for those who could afford it. The incense had a number of purposes including fumigation for insects and improving mood – a sweetly smelling room was believed a healthy room raising people spirits. We have created a range of different incense blends using known ingredients available to Medieval people and based on extant descriptions.

While steering clear of those ingredients which are now illegal there are plenty of unusual and subtle combinations which belie the modern concept that medieval people lived amidst foul smelling humours. We were delighted to find that the best quality ingredients were still to be purchased from the same locations, along the silk road and exotic locations now as in the medieval world.

We have put together a base kit for the burning of 2 of our most popular incense blends.

Kit contains;

1 x ceramic burner with lid – may be white, black or grey

1 x Charcoal tablet pack (contains 10 tablets)

1 x copper plated tweezers

1 x 20g pack of washed clean sand

1 x 5g sachet Persian dream incense

1 x 5g sachet Arabian nights incense

Gathered together in a calico presentation bag.


  • Place the clean sand in the base of the ceramic burner
  • Place a lit charcoal tablet on top of the sand using the tweezers- you will need to start the charcoal tablet ignition (eg a gas lighter) over a heat proof surface such as a sink.
  • Sprinkle a small pinch of the incense over the glowing charcoal tablet
  • replace the lid on top of the ceramic burner – the holes in the lid will enable the gentle smoke to issue forth!

We also have many other incense blends and raw resins (such as frankincense and Myrrh) for you to try along with charcoal tablets and washed sand sold separately.


Never leave burning incense unattended
With time, the sand will accumulate residue from the burning incense and charcoal tablets. The sand should either be replaced, or reused by simply washing, straining, drying thoroughly and replacing in the bowl.


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