Long Lawrence dice

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Long Lawrence Dice 

Time period: C17th specifically, but similar to Roman and later examples.
Materials: Oak.
Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 1.3 cm
Includes brief historic notes and the rules to Put and Take; in a handy cotton pouch 6 x 13cm.

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The Long Laurence (or Lawrence) is a form of long dice described by Francis Willughby in his Book of Games in the mid seventeenth century, but also mentioned in earlier 17thC literature. It was used for playing the game of Put and Take, a well known and ancient children’s game also described by Willughby. This dice is a copy based on the illustration in Willughby’s book.

Though other long dice, with unknown uses, were made by the Romans and Vikings and may have reached Britain, and other forms are known from many other parts of the world, the Long Laurence is Britain’s only indigenous long dice. In the nineteenth century a version with eight sides became popular.

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