Lust 1450-1660; How to provoke it, restrain it, and deal with th

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Huggett, Jane


How to provoke it, restrain it, and deal with the consequences.

This is a brief look at lust, last but not least of the seven deadly sins. It covers the period from about the mid fifteenth century to the Restoration, and looks at aphrodisiacs, love potions, fertility treatments, anti-aphrodisiacs, contraceptives, abortifacients and venereal diseases. It is based mainly on the information found in period herbals and medical books. The section on aphrodisiacs also contain a brief detour through some of the lust provoking pleasures available to contemporaries. I have tried to look at the various and treatments advised in relation to the medical theory of the period, and to explain why or in what way a particular food, herb or medicament was supposed to work.

Volume 3 in the 17th Century Sex series. 

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Guess what. We didn’t invent it at all, there was apparently tons of it about during the Middle Ages and earlier – they just didn’t tell us.

Contents; Introduction, Aphrodisiacs; Love Potions; To Conceive; To restrain lust; The consequences of lust; Contraceptives; Abortifcaients; Veneral diseases; Further consequences of Lust; Conclusion; Bibliography.

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