Medieval Chef’s Knife

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This one-off reproduction was hand crafted by Adam McKay in Australia. The tool steel blade is mounted with a solid brass bolster and inlaid with plates of luxurious Queen Ebony timber.

The accompanying vegetable tan leather sheath has been molded directly to the knife, hand stitched and decorated with foliate tooling, and finished with a beeswax polish for sheen and durability. The decoration is based on examples in the Museum of London.

This is a reproduction of the classic medieval chef’s knife, drawing from knives ’55’ and ‘111’ in the Museum of London, but also countless manuscript depictions from 1300-1500. This type of knife was the signature tool of the medieval chef, used to slice, dice, mince and trim ingredients for every dish.

The high carbon steel blade will give excellent and lifelong service in any kitchen. The queen ebony handle has beautiful depth and tone, but is also one of the hardest commercial available timbers in the world.

This is not only an essential and central tool in your re-enactment cooking, it will go toe-to-toe with any top tier modern chef’s knife, at double the price, for your kitchen at home.


Total length: 307mm
Blade length: 189mm
Bladed depth: 48mm
Spine thickness: 2mm
260 grams


High Speed Tool Steel
Queen Ebony
Vegetable Tan Leather
Linen thread


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