Penannular brooch

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Accessory; penannular brooch with turned ends 

Time period: Iron to 15th Century
Origin: England
Materials: Brass
Product Dimensions: 2.8cm diameter

Further details:

Iron Age Celts of Britain were the first to develop the open ring brooch which are also known as ‘penannular’ brooches. As a brooch type it remained widespread in Great Britain and Ireland through the early Middle Ages, ranging from very fine examples wrought in precious metals and decorated with stones and enamel work to much humbler versions.

The Brooch is typified by its ‘C’ shape. The terminal ends can be similar to torc ends as in this version, or flattened.

In use, the pin is rotated until it lays between the open arms of the ring. It is then stabbed through the folds of fabric; one end of the ring is then pushed under the pin where it exits the cloth. The ring is then turned until the pin lies securely locked in place on the arm of the ring.

This small size is perfect as a decorative piece and for attaching very light weight small amounts of fabric.


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