Reindeer Pelt

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Reindeer Pelt:

Time period:?Early to?13th Century
Materials:?animal pelt
Product Dimensions:?3?sizes

Regular: Between 80 to 120 cm Neck to tail $490.00

Large: Between 141 to 170 cm Neck to tail $550.00

Ex Large:?Between 171 to 190 Neck to tail $ 880.00

Average Fur thickness = 3.5 cm.

Please note: the hair of the pelt on the Ex large is slightly coarser than that of the smaller pelts.

The?reindeer pelt is the ultimate addition to any early period household. Apart from its exquisite beauty, its superb insulative properties make the pelt an ideal mattress against the cold ground; as part of furniture upholstery lending both beauty as well as practical padding and warmth; as part of an interior wall hanging, and for transporting fragile goods as the Sarni continue to do.

Please note;

These pelts are natural products, and as the reindeer are not bred for their pelts, colours and sizes will vary. Reindeer fur fibres are actually hollow, so that the pelt is lighter and provides superb insulation.?Being hollow, the fur can be more susceptible to breaking than the fur of animals from non-Arctic regions. For a prolonged life of the pelt, it is suggested to avoid using the pelt as a rug in high traffic areas as the hair can break or come loose.

Pelt Care;

Give the pelt a good shake every week or so to remove any hairs that may have come loose. Don?t be alarmed at the hair loss, particularly during the first initial weeks after receiving your hide; some hides take a period of time (sometimes up to a month) to acclimatise to different conditions, particularly if re-located to a warmer and/or drier climate.
Loosely folded (or flat) rather than tight a roll in a fabric that breathes is suggested for storage when the pelt is not in use.
For liquid spills; wipe off and turn the pelt over to dry the wet side facing upwards. Place the pelt on a horizontal surface if possible.
The Reindeer?pelt can be carefully cleaned using the dusting brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Adjust the power of the vacuum cleaner as low as possible and always vacuum along the fur.


These pelts are obtained and exported legally, in accordance with the Finnish law and are not listed by the ?Convention of International Trade Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora?.

The pelts are a by-product of breeding sustainable herds of reindeer throughout parts of Northern Finland. The reindeer are farmed to provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools for the local inhabitants, with the pelt being the final by-product.

Rest assured the reindeer are NOT killed for their pelts; if not claimed by this program, the pelts would be destroyed.

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