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Chest furniture: Ring and Staple (pair)
Time period: 14th to 15th Century
Materials: Iron
Product Dimensions: cf specifications

Further details:
Copied from a 14th-15th century chest at Dover castle. The same or similar design may be seen in use all over England, on doors, chests, etc. This basic �ring� design was used for centuries, even up to Victorian times.

Sold as a pair, each ring and staple has been hand forged. The ring is affixed by means of the staple, which is driven through the wall of the chest, and the protruding points clinched over.

Ring: 9cm outside diameter, twisted 0.95cm [3/8 inch] stock
Staple: 2.5cm wide x 11.5cm long, 0.64cm [1/4inch] stock
The staple will accommodate up to 5cm thick timber

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