Singlewomen 1580 – 1660

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Stuart, Peachey.


Part of the “Living History Reference Books Series”. On the life styles of spinsters, singlewomen, maid servants and maidens. “”Most women encountered in Probate inventories are described as widows. However in a sample of over 600 inventories studied a number of other classifications were discovered, Spinsters [4], Singlewomen [3], Maiden [1], Maid [1] and Maidservant [2], representing .67%, .5%, .17%, .17% and .33% of the total sampled population respectively. Overall these women represent 1.7% of the sample. However both the maidservants inventoried had wealth worth less than 5 pound and it can be expected that the vast majority of servants would not have been inventoried”.

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Softcover: 17 pages.
Language: English
Illustrations: B/W
ISBN-13: 1858041139
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Resource: 2 Towers.

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