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St Nicholas. late 12th to early 13th century. Shrine Bari, Italy. Nicholas was the bishop of Myra in the 4th century and his best known miracle involved saving three impoverished girls from a life of prostitution by secretly delivering three bags of gold coins to their home, on three consecutive nights. Another involves the restoring to life of three boys who had been murdered, butchered and pickled in barrels. This miracle earned him the role as the patron saint of children and also the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. He continues to be one of the most widely celebrated saints – as Santa Claus. The relics of St Nicholas found their way to the city of Bari in Italy in the 11th century, having been stolen from Myra (in Modern Turkey) by Bari merchants or sailors. St Nicholas, who had always been a popular saint in the east, now became one of Europe’s most popular saints. The original badge was found in London and is currently in a private collection


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46 x 34mm including sewing loops. Fitted with a modern brooch bar, but also available without a pin for those who prefer to use the sewing loops (see separate listing in the pilgrim badge section).

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