The Bluecoats; Clothing the Elizabethan Soldier

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Evans, David.


The Elizabethan soldier, rogue, vagabond or volunteer, was intended to be clothed, although at his expense by a substantial quantity and quality of clothing. In many cases more clothing than the wearer had ever owned. Caught between the inability of the Elizabethan State to truly control all that they saw, and the willing corruption of merchants, state officials and captains the poor soldier was lucky to receive what little he did and suffered the consequences mutely.

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Softcover: 32 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line Illustrations
ISBN-13: 9781858042473
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Not a pattern book, this is more in the nature of an essay in which the logisitics of clothing the Elizabethan soldier is discussed with forays in to what type, quantity and quality of clothing the soldier should receive, and the reality of what actually happened and why. Plenty of interesting footnotes and references, a summary of the coat colours used when and where and a list of Expeditions and their year.

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