Venetian Barber Soap

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From a recipe originally commissioned by the Barber’s guild of Venice for use only when barbering their most noble and discerning clientele.

Ingredients: Castile Soap, Rosewater, Orris root, Poudre Douce, Clove, Frankincense Essential Oil.

Quantity: approximately 30g per ball
Packaging; wrapped in gold tissue and nestled inside a protective elegant white box.

Use: Dampen the shaving brush, briskly use the brush to the barbers ball, rolling it around the bowl to create a lather on the brush, then apply to skin.

Other products of interest: wooden handle shaving brush, wooden soap bowl, Les Hommes 2018 fragrance, Renaissance gentlemans beard pomade, Double sided wooden comb.


This is a topical soap and not to be taken internally.
Always check ingredients list before use in case of any allergies, and if unsure, try a very small amount on the inside of the wrist and wait for at least 30 mins. Wash off immediately if there is any adverse reaction.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease.

Storage: Unlike many modern soaps, this soap will become harder over time and keep very well.

Please note; As with any product made on organically grown heritage plant matter, there may be slight variations in colour and consistency between batches however, we do our best to ensure that there is no change in the efficacy of the product.


From the ladies of the Medieval Still Room;

Being able to maintain facial hair such as a moustache or beard, was a sign of wealth and the height of men’s fashion during parts of the medieval period. As with all things, beards and moustaches have come back into fashion, so we have re-created this soap recipe which was formulated for, and used by, the Barbers guild of Venice for many centuries.

The soap is based on castile soap – an olive oil soap – and the additives have skin protective and conditioning qualities as well as a delicate yet masculine fragrance.This was originally formulated for Barbers to use with the older style of razors – sometimes known as cut throat razors. Our male customers have found no issue using this soap with modern razors, noting that it does not lather in quite the same way but still able to provide the lubrication required.

Balms, ointments, soaps and perfumes were just a small selection of the wide variety of personal hygiene products bought or made in the medieval household. Yes, they did indeed wash in those days! In fact they not only bathed – they waxed, dyed, powdered, moisturised, deodourised, shaped, tinted and coloured all aspects of their bodies; not only to be clean, but to enhance Nature’s work and for those that could afford it- to be fashionable.

A surprising number of extant texts have survived, describing not only the ingredients used, but also recipes, notes on best use, and where to source rare ingredients. Apothecary invoices, shipping manifests, published folios and home recipe books all enable us to recreate the cosmetic and hygiene products and home remedies that were available to different levels of society. The select bibliography below is a good starting point for those interested in how the everyday people of the past kept clean and fashionable.




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