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The Culinary Receipes of Medieval England – Review

Constance B. Hieatt is one of the foremost experts of medieval English cooking. Her Pleyn Delit is one of my favorite books for cooks who want to start cooking in a more medieval style.

The culinary recipes of Medieval England is not a cook book per say. It is a collection of medieval recipes (14th and 15th primarily) in which the most common example of that kind of cooking has been recorded. So it’s an excellent source for seeing how things were done, and then a more experienced cook can then try and redact the recipes for themselves.

The recipes are split into chapters (basic preparation, pottages? (split into meatless, based on grains or other vegetables, meat and special pottages), meat served other than in pottages, egg dishes, sauces, subtleties etc.

Sample PDF of Culinary Recipes of Medieval England


What I like about this book, is that it does give a pretty instant “how did they do this? Okay, now I can find more details or further information.” An experienced cook could use this book to redact their own recipes, but I think it is more for those who are a little further into their medieval journey and it’s not suituable for those just starting out. Pleyn Delit (as referenced above) or Brear’s Cooking and Dining in Medieval England?would be a better place for a newer cook to start.