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Back to Business

Greetings. We have been very busy this past month with Trade shows, implementing new upgrades, researching and adding new re-enactor goods such as brass Ring brooches, and of course New titles. Of particular note:

“Success with Apples and Pears to Eat and Drink” by Alan Rowe(2nd Ed). This is for the serious gardener and those who love brewing and drinking Cider and Perry. A UK-centric book, it has a concise history of usage and cultivation of “Pomes” in Britain; a section devoted to the usage and cultivation of over 120 apple and pear varietals both ancient and modern with excellent illustrations, and a useful set of appendixes including a selection of old recipes, a hydrometer table and plans for a DIY press. While not a historical text, this book will start you on the right track of good horticultural and brewing practices and point you in the direction of the few remaining references.

For those who love a game of skill and chance while they enjoy their favourite tipple, a new title from English Heritage – “Played at the Pub; The pub games of Britain” by Arthur Taylor. This is a beautifully presented softcover with many photographs and illustrations of the games both historically, and being played in British pubs today. As with so many of the UK books written by enthusiasts, this is an intense examination of both the ancient history of the different games, their rules and equipment and their evolution into the present. It discusses regional variations played now and in the past, and even includes contacts for the clubs that are still playing, while providing resources for further research in the section “Links”. Games, or rather types of games, include Bowling games, Pushing and Shoving, Spoof and Tippet, Board and Dice, Lost Games as well as the more commonly known such as Pub Quizzes, Cue games, Skittles, Darts and Dominos. Not a book to read all at once, but something to dip into at regular intervals and revel in the unique intensity of the British Pub games history and phenomena.

Finally, a big thanks to all of you who came and visited us at MOAB on the October long weekend. It was great to see so many old friends and meet so many new people. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing you at our next event, CanCon, in Canberra on the Australia day weekend in 2011.

Until next month, we bid you, Good Reading!

Paul and Loreena