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October Newsflash

Welcome gentle readers, to the new look mainly medieval site. It has been quite a while and we?d like to thank everyone for their patience during this time. A point to note is that wargaming section is now located at our sister site, Aetherworks. Mainly Medieval will continue to concentrate on the interests of all those interested in history and the needs of the re-enactment communities.

Some of the new features of the site will include a 3 tier ranking system,?located in the Staff comments, which will indicate whether an item is a?primary, secondary or a tertiary source. Copies of item instructions sheets and warnings will be supplemented with basic care and maintenance articles, and a new series of articles will be introduced which discuss the various uses of items; for example, table cutlery and dining habits.

Each month, a selection of new titles and items will be added to the site and we hope that you will make use of the customers review section to give your feedback.

As ever, we wish you all, Good Reading!


Paul and Loreena