17th Century Wedding Customs

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Taylor, Denise.


Weddings oringally involced no religious or ritual element. It was purely a personal, civil contract, with no necessity for a clergyman to be present, or for any religious ceremony. A marriage was valid without banns or licence, at any hour, in any building and this contined to be the case until Hardwick’s marrigage Act of 1753.

This text examines the historical background of marriage from the Anglosaxon to the Tudor, and all of the other many things to do with the process of wedding.

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Softcover: 40 pages.
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The complexities of a period wedding make todays three?ringed circus associated with the modern wedding?look like a walk through the park. Some really interesting data about ?old customs still preserved, and other customs which are modern inventions.

Contents; 1) Historical Background;?2) Bethrothal; 3) Dowries, portions and Jointures; 4) Puritan Influences; 5) Things to do with Weddings; 6) The Wedding; 7) Married Life; 8) References.

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