Witchcraft in 17th Century England

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Swain, John.


Anthropologists and historians categorise two distinct types of witchcraft: firstly, white witchcraft or the craft of healing, and secondly black witchcraft or sorcery, the power to do harm by occult means. This black and white distinction can also be applied to England and Europe before the 15th C. However, from the 15th to the 17th Centuries, Europe passed through what the historian Hugh Trevor-Roper has described as a ‘witch-craze’. This is introductory overview to the laws and trials of this period.

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Softcover: 18 pages
Language: English
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ISBN-13: 9781858040486
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An examination of documented English witch trials. Covers such areas as detection, types of witchcraft and the manner in which trials were run.

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