Archery for the Re-enactor

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Johnathon Davies


It is my earnest desire that you gentle reader will find in this littel boke, thinges that are true and just and that will be of both service and profit yourself and the Commonweal. I seek not to chastise those noughty folks who would mock our calling by poor shootings or foolishe dressings, but to summon them to the butts upon each lawfully appointed day to practise in the bows for the defense of this realms and the enjoiement of mane. To those archers, comelie and manlie, strong in th’arme who have read and spoken to me upon these wordes, thankes. ‘All that is good and wholesome is theirs, if anie wordes or thoughts offend then they are myne owns and I beg your patience and forgiveness.

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Softcover: 60 pages
Language: English
Illustrations: Black & White/Line
ISBN-13: 9781858041766
Product Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.2 x 0.4 cm

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