Tudor Womens Legal Rights 1485-1603

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Flower, Aimee.


This book provides insight into the experience of women from the medieval to the early modern period Although my personal focus was the Tudor period (1485-1603), due to my interest as a re-enactor, much of what has been covered is of relevance to anyone interested in the medieval period (particularly where the canon law is concerned) and also beyond the Tudor period (as much of what has been covered remained to be the case after the Tudor era had passed).

The focus for my study of women and the law has been on marriage, because of the difference it made to women’s legal rights when they became wives I have also included by way of a preface, some interesting facts about women during the said time period, as this helps to provide a background of understanding as to why women’s rights were so different from men’s For me this was crucial, as women’s legal rights cannot be understood without first looking into the social situation at the time In this piece I hope to answer the questions why were women legally disadvantaged at this time, did marriage worsen those disadvantages, and were, in fact, the disadvantages not so debilitating as might have first been assumed?


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